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How to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Approximately 1 in 6 U.S. men will be diagnosed with have prostate cancer in their lifetime, which may be leaving you wondering what you can do to reduce your risk. According to urologist Des Moines Dr. Fawad Zafar, many of the contributing factors can be prevented and controlled through lifestyle changes and healthy living.

Following are some ways you can improve your prostate health and prevent prostate cancer.

Eat foods that fight cancer. Eating cancer-killing foods is a simple way to improve your health. Your urologist Des Moines also suggests eating plenty of broccoli, kale and cabbage, which are rich in cancer-fighting compounds.

Get screenings. Getting early and regular screening tests can help you to monitor your prostate health and take action quickly if anything concerning is found. Early treatment increases your chances of beating this disease.

Drink green tea. Green tea is one of the best drinks for prostate health and studies have shown that men who drink it have a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

Avoid foods that can contribute to prostate cancer. Foods such as red meat, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and fried foods are linked to an elevated risk for prostate cancer.

Avoid chemicals and toxins. There are chemicals and toxins in the environment that can elevate your risk for prostate cancer. Your urologist Des Moines suggests buying organic foods to avoid the effects of pesticide.

Reduce your stress level. Your urologist Des Moines believes that stress activates a response from the immune system that starts the uncontrollable cell mutation that has been associated with prostate cancer. Search for different methods to find what helps you reduce stress most effectively.

Take supplements to reinforce prostate health. For the best prostate health, take supplements that have been proven to help support your immunity and maintain a healthy prostate.

Exercise more often. Studies show that exercising more can put you at a reduced risk for prostate cancer. The best exercises for prostate health include those that are moderate. In fact, recent studies found that performing at least three hours of vigorous activity each week lowers your risk of dying from prostate cancer by over 60%.

Maintain a healthy weight. Men who are obese are at an increased risk for prostate cancer. Research shows a link between being overweight and being at a higher risk for prostate cancer.

Eat fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids. A study performed in Sweden revealed that men who ate fish rich in omega-3 at least once per week enjoyed lower risk of prostate cancer compared to men who don’t.

Take control of your prostrate health now – call the office of urologist Des Moines dr. Fawad Zafar today to schedule a confidential consultation.