Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence

Male and female urinary incontinence is essentially the inability to refrain from experiencing a consistent leakage of urine throughout the day. Considering that the vast majority of those with urinary incontinence find it to be rather distressful and tedious, it has undoubtably put a burden on the lives of many men and women throughout the world. There is generally an underlying cause that results in urinary incontinence but it is still a prevalent ailment in today’s society

As previously mentioned with the majority of patients there is a cause that brings forth male and female urinary incontinence and some of the most common causes include:

  • An abundance of soft drinks and caffeine
  • Enlarged prostates
  • Polyuria
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Spina Bifida
  • Strokes
  • Parkinson’s disease

Although acquiring the assistance of your general physician can prove to be beneficial, the majority of individuals take advantage of the opportunity to discuss their urinary incontinence with a practitioner that specializes within the field of urology. With the implementation of a urologist, men are provided with the opportunity to find an efficient source of treatment or be provided with ways to deal with the urinary incontinence. As for women, seeking the aid of a urogynecologist will help to ensure that the individual is specialized in the female urinary tract.

In comparison to men, women experience urinary incontinence far more due to the fact that the majority of bladder issues are the most prevalent throughout the female gender. Unlike a variety of other ailments, urinary incontinence can affect a wide variety of women from different demographics and of different ages. Amongst those with urinary incontinence, many women have developed other medical ailments such as diabetes and obesity. Individuals may also experience increased amounts of depression and the inability to be as active throughout their lives.

Men are less likely to experience urinary incontinence due to the fact that their urinary tract is designed differently from women. Although they are designed differently, both genders experience urinary incontinence due to a neurological issue or ailment alongside aging. Having urinary incontinence can also occur with men of various ages, although the majority of those with this particular illness are older in age.

Men and women urinary incontinence is a difficult ailment to have to live with considering that the majority of individuals find that they are unable to participate in activities that they otherwise would have enjoyed. With the implementation of the advice of a urologist, many individuals are able to keep a lively lifestyle easily and efficiently throughout their lives.

Mason ArnoldMason Arnold
16:55 17 Jun 24
John JamesonJohn Jameson
15:47 10 Jun 24
Dr. Zafar has been my trusted provider for over 15 years. Him and his staff are amazing people to work with. I trust him for my urological health
Mason LundMason Lund
19:32 04 Jun 24
Ryan SeilerRyan Seiler
17:22 03 Jun 24
Dr. Zafar took the time to listen and order a test that wasn't even in his speciality. Finally got some answers, thank you!
Randy MetzgerRandy Metzger
17:04 03 Jun 24
Couldn’t be happier with the Service, Staff, and Doc! 100% recommend.
Kevin EggeKevin Egge
16:09 31 May 24
Experienced and knows what he is doing. I was in good hands
Curtis PerksCurtis Perks
15:13 31 May 24
Benjamin KallenbachBenjamin Kallenbach
19:17 30 May 24
Heber RubiHeber Rubi
10:20 26 May 24
Dr. Zafar has a lot of experience in what he does, I highly recommend him.
Amrit poudelAmrit poudel
15:34 20 May 24
Bryan MillerBryan Miller
01:19 20 May 24
I was not prepared for this appointment, scared to death of all the things that could go wrong. The Dr. Zafar and his staff were incredibly patient and supportive during my process. I was blessed to have this team work with me, their confidence and knowledge put me at ease immediately. The work performed was flawless, and to go a step further, my wife was late to the procedure, and Dr. Zafar took his time to explain what was done and what to expect which was amazing. Thank you to all on your staff.
Jon HillJon Hill
16:42 17 May 24
Very quick process. Dr.Zafar was very informative and made sure all questions were answered.
Brad GordonBrad Gordon
16:08 17 May 24
Very knowledgable, professional, kind, short waiting times, prompt answers to questions, clean facilities, efficient, stress free, highly recommend.
Anna StonerAnna Stoner
19:08 14 May 24
Crazycowboy 1988Crazycowboy 1988
13:58 14 May 24
Colton CampbellColton Campbell
14:42 13 May 24
Truman NovakTruman Novak
16:51 10 May 24
Was a great overall experience, highly recommend
Jeremy DoveJeremy Dove
15:35 10 May 24
Staff was extremely helpful and kind when helping me set up my vasectomy. Dr. Zafar explained everything in detail and left no questions unanswered. Procedure was smooth, quick, and painless. Was impressed by Dr. Zafar’s experience and professionalism. Highly recommend using Lakeview Center for Urology and Dr. Zafar.
Kyle RichmanKyle Richman
14:52 10 May 24
Incredibly quick and painless. Highly recommend if you’re looking into getting snipped!
Kevin JonesKevin Jones
14:18 10 May 24
Bill ZieserBill Zieser
21:09 07 May 24
It would be easier to order meds if appointment was at VA. I talked to pharmacy today and was told that the descompresión comes from a different place now and I have to be home to sign for it now.
Aliou KeitaAliou Keita
14:56 06 May 24
Excellent place to go! The physician was fantastic. I really enjoyed my visit. Thank you Dr Zafar M.D. I highly recommend this place.
Luke HughesLuke Hughes
21:21 03 May 24
Dr. Zafar and his staff were phenomenal. Regardless of how you think you’ll feel about any urology procedures, you’ll get nervous and they go the extra mile to be kind as well as professional.
19:21 03 May 24
Dennis RutherfordDennis Rutherford
18:25 03 May 24
Jorge GuzmanJorge Guzman
15:27 03 May 24
Dr. Zafar is very professional and provide very clear instructions about the procedure. He also have a lot of experience in the field.
Cole TurnbullCole Turnbull
14:42 03 May 24
Daniel LimaDaniel Lima
20:14 01 May 24
Very informative and answered all my questions.Staff was nice and easy to work with as well.
Rodney SerbusRodney Serbus
16:29 01 May 24
Always very informative on everything.He cares about his patients which is very important. I have been going to the Doc for Years. Great Guy!!@@
Austin FaoroAustin Faoro
13:54 30 Apr 24
jason jonesjason jones
19:02 29 Apr 24
Quick and Easy! Highly recommended!
Jason ClaryJason Clary
14:45 29 Apr 24
Always on top of my health. Sincere and honest.
Joseph CulverJoseph Culver
18:09 26 Apr 24
Dr. Zafar and his team are exceptional. Wait times for appointments are very short and Dr. Zafar really takes the time to understand the issues that I am facing. Highly recommend
Bryce ChristensenBryce Christensen
17:29 26 Apr 24
Quick and easy!
Jesse BennettJesse Bennett
16:19 26 Apr 24
Informative and answered all our questions.
Eric HockenberryEric Hockenberry
16:05 26 Apr 24
Nicki GreenNicki Green
05:43 26 Apr 24
Spike DieselSpike Diesel
19:18 23 Apr 24
Bill McDonoughBill McDonough
18:37 22 Apr 24
Dr. Zafar is a true professional. Not only does he have very good bedside manners, he has a lot of patience and an ability to calmly explain stressful issues to his patient. He expresses confidence to his patient when he is certain he can help, which is greatly reassuring. I had bladder issues and he was a great help. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Zafar to anyone.
Pathana BaccamPathana Baccam
17:17 22 Apr 24
Dr. Zafar is very thorough. He did a great job explaining my results. His office staff and nurse was very helpful and pleasant.
Randy BrandingRandy Branding
14:18 22 Apr 24
Matt McgillMatt Mcgill
13:59 22 Apr 24
Justin WinslettJustin Winslett
20:59 19 Apr 24
Very informative into the point. I've gotten results that are great. I would refer this Doctor as well.
Jessica AganJessica Agan
20:10 19 Apr 24
The doctor is very helpful and kind. So is the front desk medical staff.
Ivan RiosIvan Rios
16:45 19 Apr 24
David PalafoxDavid Palafox
16:17 19 Apr 24
Chase PhelpsChase Phelps
15:56 19 Apr 24
Very quick, informative, and by the book. Answered any questions I had with backed medical experience.
Jeffrey OlsonJeffrey Olson
14:50 15 Apr 24
Dr. Zafar made the vesectomy procedure smooth and with no pain! He was very professional and you could tell he was very experienced in the “No Needle, No Scalpel” procedure. The main portion of the procedure took around 10 min (little more time for prep) and I was in and out of his office within a 40 min of my appointment time. I am so glad that I chose him for this procedure!
R StrobelR Strobel
13:56 14 Apr 24
I've had a great experience with Dr. Zafar and his team. He is very knowledgeable and explains everything in details and easy to understand. The receptionists are very friendly and they explained to me everything I needed to know about the payments (I was using my health plan for the first time) and they were also able to accommodate my appointments early in the morning because of my job. It's also very well located and easy access.
Adam VisserAdam Visser
17:36 12 Apr 24
Brad BuckBrad Buck
16:48 12 Apr 24
Very knowledgeable and very personable
eric Ideheneric Idehen
18:19 10 Apr 24
Joel GretemanJoel Greteman
14:30 10 Apr 24
Very informative and professional.
Kyle GeibeKyle Geibe
20:15 07 Apr 24
Dr Zafar made the whole vasectomy process stress and worry free. Him and his staff were very knowledgeable and assuring of a quick easy process. Day 2 of recovery Dr Zafar reached out personally and made sure all was well and reiterated if there were any other questions or concerns to reach out without hesitation. Highly recommend!
Tom ChristensenTom Christensen
20:49 05 Apr 24
Dr. Zafar is very thorough when explaining information to me when I have appointments with him.
Jordan MarshallJordan Marshall
20:26 05 Apr 24
Curran HiibnerCurran Hiibner
19:58 05 Apr 24
Dr. Zafar was wonderful!Talked to me through the whole process and was very personal, yet professional
Jon VanaernamJon Vanaernam
17:35 05 Apr 24
I have received very good care.
16:58 05 Apr 24
Matthew MarcheseMatthew Marchese
16:39 04 Apr 24
Phil MennenohPhil Mennenoh
14:52 04 Apr 24
Joey BedwellJoey Bedwell
16:09 03 Apr 24
Very smooth experience.
Kenneth NgahKenneth Ngah
15:16 03 Apr 24
17:21 29 Mar 24
Joli TrauthJoli Trauth
15:39 29 Mar 24
Quick and very easy experience. The doctor was very personable and cares about his patients!
Keaton LunnKeaton Lunn
15:25 29 Mar 24
Dr. Zafar is great ! Procedure was super fast, painless, answered all my questions, provided me his personal cell phone number in case I had any questions and checked in with me through the healing process. I highly recommend Dr. Zafar.
Sean DavisSean Davis
15:02 29 Mar 24
Zafar was great! Absolutely zero pain during procedure. Great communication and personal follow up from doc.
steven leonardsteven leonard
14:53 29 Mar 24
Amazing care! There motto is no pain, and there was absolutely no pain! If this procedure is in your plans, this is the only place to have it done!
Blake AndersonBlake Anderson
16:42 28 Mar 24
Dr. Zafar is the best urologist I've been to and I've been to several. I always have supreme confidence he will address whatever my issue is. Also, it's rare to find a doctor that has your best interest at heart and dissuades you from getting a procedure done because the results would leave you no better off, even though he should have the incentive to go forward with the procedure to increase the bill. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Zafar for any of your urological needs.
Jake AdamsJake Adams
15:22 27 Mar 24
Jacob MoonJacob Moon
14:32 27 Mar 24
Kathy WilsonKathy Wilson
20:35 26 Mar 24
Josh TurnbullJosh Turnbull
15:59 25 Mar 24
Overall easy and quick experience. Accepted my insurance and was able to have me in and out
Nick RidlerNick Ridler
20:49 22 Mar 24
Steven BorgmanSteven Borgman
18:36 22 Mar 24
Quick, simple, and professional
Chandler EleyChandler Eley
16:50 22 Mar 24
steve virellisteve virelli
16:13 22 Mar 24
adam curryadam curry
15:32 22 Mar 24
Nate SmithNate Smith
20:23 21 Mar 24
Great doc there very thorough explaining everything and made me feel comfortable during the procedure highly recommend if you're going to get a vasectomy
Sandy HerronSandy Herron
16:40 21 Mar 24
Teresa ChristensenTeresa Christensen
13:14 21 Mar 24
Phil LautnerPhil Lautner
19:07 20 Mar 24
Dr. Zafar is a wonderful dr. He really takes the time to explain things.
Brian ShelleyBrian Shelley
19:40 19 Mar 24
Eric popeEric pope
20:01 18 Mar 24
ross kleinross klein
20:35 17 Mar 24
Nathan VenzNathan Venz
23:30 16 Mar 24
koffi Aledikoffi Aledi
17:04 15 Mar 24
Christian RubioChristian Rubio
16:51 15 Mar 24
Marcus LewisMarcus Lewis
16:22 15 Mar 24
Edward FailorEdward Failor
14:45 15 Mar 24
Dr. Zafra was professional, kind and explained everything well. Without question, the best urologist I have seen. His staff was equally kind and professional. If I have urology needs again, this is where I will go, without question.
Ethan WaltonEthan Walton
13:40 15 Mar 24
Pat WindPat Wind
18:51 10 Mar 24
Friendly Staff
Madeline RubyMadeline Ruby
18:50 10 Mar 24
Dr. Zafar and Marilyn have been amazing. They always take the time to answer all my questions and they genuinely care about their patients.
Renee EvansRenee Evans
23:21 08 Mar 24
Dr. Zafar is a wonderful doctor. Very thorough. Highly recommend!
Zach HansonZach Hanson
19:01 08 Mar 24
Caleb FolkersCaleb Folkers
18:35 08 Mar 24
Dylan EichhornDylan Eichhorn
17:45 08 Mar 24
Brett BraafhartBrett Braafhart
17:10 08 Mar 24
Katie HighsmithKatie Highsmith
16:21 08 Mar 24
Needed to get into a urologist right away for an issue after surgery and prior to trying to get pregnant, and Dr. Zafar was able to see me quickly! He listened carefully, was very empathetic, and was very proactive in treating the issue. I felt safe during all of the testing and procedures, and his office staff is very kind and professional. Highly recommend!
Chad RatashakChad Ratashak
16:49 06 Mar 24
Tim CastroTim Castro
14:25 05 Mar 24
00:21 02 Mar 24
Highly recommend Lakeview Center for Urology in Windsor Heights IA for all your needs. Dr. Zafar made my experience simple, pain free, and informative. I was aware of his experience prior to the visit, and following the visit, it showed.The office space area is also very inviting, with beautiful live plants in the waiting room, kind staff assistance, and a welcoming feel.
Andy BrodellAndy Brodell
19:52 01 Mar 24
Andrew JillsonAndrew Jillson
19:00 01 Mar 24
super easy and fast
Troy KrummTroy Krumm
20:12 29 Feb 24
Dr. Zafar and the staff are great.
Josette GillamJosette Gillam
02:36 24 Feb 24
Very friendly and cares alot about his patients. He's helped me more with my will to lose weight than any other doctor. He's blunt which is necessary for some people like myself who need the push. I'm very thankful.
Alex BernardinoAlex Bernardino
20:57 17 Feb 24
Dr. Zafar and his team are caring and professional. He walked me through the procedure and answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable during surgery and even called with a follow up the next day to make sure everything was good. 100% satisfied with zero complaints
Joel LemkeJoel Lemke
19:42 28 Jan 24
jeffrey halselljeffrey halsell
16:33 28 Jan 24
Dr. Zafar and his team did an amazing job! They made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. He was very professional and detailed oriented about everything before, during and after the procedure and even took the time to contact to check up on me personally. I highly recommend him and his staff!!
Wyatt KelsoWyatt Kelso
18:52 22 Jan 24
Matt SepanskiMatt Sepanski
01:59 22 Jan 24
Dr. Zafar is very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He’s been very good about following up with me to check on me and make sure I’m doing well after my surgery. I would highly recommend him.
Brooke HallBrooke Hall
17:56 08 Jan 24
Dr. Zafar is personal, kind, answers all your questions, listens to you and has a great staff. Highly recommend if you need help in this area.
Lawrence OkpakoLawrence Okpako
03:19 08 Jan 24
Aaron SchmidtkeAaron Schmidtke
20:53 07 Jan 24
Great experience all the way through. Staff was friendly and helpful. The process was quick and painless. All the recovery tips helped immensely with a pain free recovery.
alvaro delunaalvaro deluna
20:06 07 Jan 24
Todd CowmanTodd Cowman
17:52 30 Dec 23
Dr. Zafar and staff provided exceptional care and education. It’s a small office but from initial call to visit and follow up I couldn’t have imagined a better experience. Experts at their craft. Trust the 5 star reviews.
Dave RogersDave Rogers
19:20 26 Dec 23
Excellent health care and caring
Dan Van LangenDan Van Langen
23:31 21 Dec 23
jodi sindtjodi sindt
22:09 19 Dec 23
Dr Zafar has made me a better person I have dignity & overall self esteem after years of embarrassing issues with incontinence he recommended I stop caffeine intake In one month my life has turned around thank you forever Dr Zafar
James RubleJames Ruble
00:00 18 Dec 23
Dr. Zafar and his team are welcoming, professional and compassionate. I especially appreciate the fact that they were able to tell me exactly what the services would cost before even scheduling an appointment.
Joe BrookoverJoe Brookover
23:55 17 Dec 23
Very much enjoyed working with Dr. Zafar. He was very helpful in explaining the procedure and steps after, and is incredibly personable. Would highly recommend.Update following procedure: Dr. Zafar and his team provided excellent care. I’m currently 4 days post-op and feel nearly back to normal. During the procedure he explained what was happening and helped by chatting about a variety of topics to keep my mind off what was happening below the curtain. The care instructions provided have given me a great guide to recovery. There are no shortcuts- just follow what he says to do and you’ll be back on your feet in a few days!
Lynn CarricoLynn Carrico
17:38 16 Dec 23
Everyone was professional and caring. They explained what they were doing in a way I could understand.
Lew KirkLew Kirk
18:17 13 Dec 23
Timely, efficient and effective. Dr Zafar and the staff are a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended for urology concerns.
Jacob SpjutJacob Spjut
02:59 12 Dec 23
I can’t recommend enough. Not only professional, but quick. A masterful execution of the procedure.
Luann SechristLuann Sechrist
13:32 10 Dec 23
Dr. Zafar and his team is one of the best! I cannot Express the compassion him an his staff always have for me. I have been going to Dr. Zafar for well over 10 years, and never one issue or complaint. Best urologist around. You are always in the best hands with him!!
Twan PortisTwan Portis
21:39 04 Dec 23
Mike SchakelMike Schakel
20:33 04 Dec 23
Dr. Zagar is a very professional, knowledgeable and kind urologist. I would recommend him to anyone.
anthony chiaanthony chia
19:38 04 Dec 23
I truly appreciate my visits with dr.zafar. He has always been professional and no hesitation to check everything. No corners skipped.
Adam HuddleAdam Huddle
22:28 03 Dec 23
Tanner SteinhoffTanner Steinhoff
22:06 03 Dec 23
Dr. Zafar and his staff are great. Very thorough and efficient. I highly recommend.
Edwin DornEdwin Dorn
21:46 03 Dec 23
The doctor was great. He was very Informative . I was in and out in minutes
Anthony AdamsAnthony Adams
07:31 01 Dec 23
Jerry MeredithJerry Meredith
00:57 30 Nov 23
Very informative of questions and explanation of situations, takes time to listen to patients promblems and concerns then offers advice or solutions. I would recommend Dr for your treatments.Thank you
Jerry MeredithJerry Meredith
18:37 28 Nov 23
Phil DoakPhil Doak
16:29 28 Nov 23
Dr Zafar is very kind, knowledgeable, and respectful. Highly recommend!
Rob ERob E
22:47 21 Nov 23
Dr. Zafar has been following my condition for several years now and has performed a very successful TURP surgery two years ago. I am doing quite well under his care. All questions are fully answered and adequate time is given me when I am at the clinic in Centerville, so that I feel all issues are covered.
21:05 20 Nov 23
Jason BuckJason Buck
13:06 20 Nov 23
It’s crazy how little discomfort I have after my procedure! Dr Z was great before, during and after. The nurses were so nice and made me feel very comfortable too. Overall very happy with the entire experience.
Lexy DetermanLexy Determan
01:33 20 Nov 23
I’ve been beyond pleased with the service and attention I’ve received through Dr. Zafar and his office. I was extremely nervous, and frankly a little embarrassed to talk about the issues I was having with incontinence. That was quickly put to rest by everyone I interacted with. I am so happy I finally went through with this process!
Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds
01:17 20 Nov 23
Excellent service. Dr. Zafar is great.
Brad PetersBrad Peters
16:02 10 Nov 23
James MoncherryJames Moncherry
02:55 09 Nov 23
5 Star Service and Professionalism!Upon entering Lakeview Center For Urology, I was warmly greeted by the front office staff, swiftly brought into a room and had vitals taken by a clinician.I was professionally greeted and had a very thorough discussion on my concerns with Dr. Zafar!I will be a returning patient when in need and referring friends and family alike to him and his clinic.This was a tremendous experience!
Patrick HolterhausPatrick Holterhaus
20:05 08 Nov 23
Very nice office, kind assistance from nurse/Dr. No complaints!
Troy HobscheidtTroy Hobscheidt
19:28 08 Nov 23
Dr. Zafar is one of the most informative, professional and thorough doctors that I have seen in my adult life. He used language that was very easy to understand. He went out of his way to accommodate me to complete this procedure. I look forward to working with him during my follow care. I would DEFINITELY recommend Dr. Zafar.
17:51 08 Nov 23
Very knowledgeable and detailed. Highly recommend.
Alex LevequeAlex Leveque
17:06 08 Nov 23
Good and clear information, honest and straightforward. Understanding of financial/insurance concerns and adaptive in response to personal concerns.
Nick SmithNick Smith
02:15 07 Nov 23
Dr. Zafar was great, gave me all the information I needed. As well as the rest of the staff was great.
Kenneth JonesKenneth Jones
19:03 06 Nov 23
Was very helpful an Respectful doctor
Jacob & Samantha SpjutJacob & Samantha Spjut
16:36 06 Nov 23
Russell MentzerRussell Mentzer
11:56 05 Nov 23
Christopher GallantChristopher Gallant
23:56 04 Nov 23
James TJames T
16:43 03 Nov 23
Dr Zafar was very comforting and knowledgeable, the procedure was quick with minimal pain. I would highly recommend his office to anyone!
Michael ScottMichael Scott
18:46 01 Nov 23
Bob McFarlandBob McFarland
18:43 01 Nov 23
I recently moved to the Des Moines area and needed to find a urologist. Dr. Zafar was recommended by my primary care physician. Dr Zafar thoroughly reviewed records from my old urologist prior to my appointment and made good recommendations regarding additional care.
R BerklandR Berkland
18:07 01 Nov 23
Pain free and worry free vasectomy today. Dr. Zafar is excellent and I'd highly recommend his methodology for the procedure. I was worried for nothing.
Cj DavisCj Davis
16:32 01 Nov 23
Joe BarthelJoe Barthel
15:01 31 Oct 23
Best urologist in the city always cares about his patients. Is always there when you need him. Best caring staff always makes time when needed. I have recommended him to several people that have had bad experiences and they love him. He has been there for me on three different kidney stone episodes didn’t matter time day or night he made time some way to be there. Will never change doctors. Never had an appt problem or billing problem. His staff is well trained and keeps everything on time thank you . Total rating is 5 with 5 being the top rating.
David KohlerDavid Kohler
01:23 26 Oct 23
My first appt with Dr. Zafar was very informative on what steps that needed to be taken to further help me with understanding and correcting my issues!The office staff was also helpful with all the information I needed and scheduling appointments for further examinations.So far ?
Austin OlsonAustin Olson
21:35 21 Oct 23
Great experience overall. Was able to book appointment and have procedure within 2 weeks compared to other places which take 2-3 months and a lot of back & forth. Staff was friendly and Dr. Zafar is very professional, knowledgable and keeps you at ease. Highly recommend.
Ben ParryBen Parry
16:57 08 Oct 23
Dr. Z and staff were very kind and helpful. The procedure went quick and painless. I continue to be pain free 4 days later. Highly recommended!
Nathan GarnseyNathan Garnsey
14:45 06 Oct 23
Jackie HarrisJackie Harris
19:29 02 Oct 23
Would highly recommend Dr. Zafar, he and his office made the entire vasectomy process as simple and painless as possible
Taylor FoxTaylor Fox
22:40 29 Sep 23
Ghazanfar GujarGhazanfar Gujar
16:30 29 Sep 23
Excellent service
Amy O'BrienAmy O'Brien
03:58 24 Sep 23
Everyone in the office is super kind and professional. Dr. Zafar was patient and has a great bedside manor. He covered various treatments to get to the root of the problem. Highly recommend!
Eric MurphyEric Murphy
19:14 26 Aug 23
Dr. Zafar and his staff were very welcoming, helpful and informative during my experience. Next day follow is always reassuring and appreciated. I highly recommend this office for a Vasectomy in the metro area.
Peter SeehusenPeter Seehusen
23:49 22 Jul 23
I had a Vasectomy done by Dr. Zafar. Was nervous about getting it done but it was a great experience. No pain at all!They emailed me the paperwork ahead of time. My appt was 1:20pm, I got in on time and I was leaving by 2pm! Friendly and helpful staff. Dr. Zafar was very nice, competent and very approachable with questions. Dr. Zafar personally called the next day to follow up even. Highly recommend the Lakeview Center!!
Hannah WarnerHannah Warner
23:50 11 May 23
The compassion, kindness, and care of Dr. Zafar, Amanda, and team went beyond any expectation we had for our healthcare needs. There aren’t words to express our gratitude. Dr. Zafar takes his time to listen and clearly explains potential pathways and education on conditions. The peace of mind our visit with Lakeview provided is invaluable. If you’re ever in need of urological care, Dr.Zafar and his team are truly rare in their compassionate care for their patients and I highly recommend them. Special thanks to Amanda, she is an incredible human with the biggest, kindest heart! ❤️
15:46 09 Feb 23
I chose Lakeview Urology based on the reviews and they don’t lie. The team was very supportive and comforting during the entire process and follow up. Dr. Zafar cares about his patients, the quality of the procedure, and goes out of his way to follow up to ensure your recovery goes smoothly. I highly recommend Dr. Zafar and his team.

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