Male Infertility

The last decade or so has seen a magnanimous rise in male infertility cases. The maximum spur has been seen in developed nations but the developing countries of the world are also witnessing a surge in the number of reported cases. Until a few decades back male infertility was not as widely reported and treated as today hence it is not very ease to state if the problem has always been this grave.

Male infertility can be caused by several factors. There are various physiological aspects that can cause male fertility but in recent times, doctors all over the world have held the present day lifestyle to be a major cause of the rapid rise of male infertility cases. Coupled with lifestyle, pollution and eating habits are also contributing to the problem.

Male infertility was a taboo until a few years back and today it is not only a conveniently discussed problem but also a solvable one. Male infertility can be treated successfully unless there are some rare problems in one’s hormones and some serious physiological issues. Some causes of male infertility are chemotherapy, sexually transmitted diseases, prostatic infections, hormonal dysfunction, certain strong and high dose medications, testicular ailments and most commonly testosterone deficiency.

Male infertility can be of various types and hence the choice of treatment would strictly depend on a specific case. Male infertility may just be a problem of erectile dysfunction or may be about troubles during ejaculation or lack of healthy and live sperm count. The domain of male infertility is diverse and every patient has to be thoroughly diagnosed to infer any recommended treatment. Erectile dysfunction has its own set of treatments while lack of live and healthy sperm would have an entirely different treatment.

There are quite a few solutions to male infertility that include natural treatments, medications, dietary changes and dietary supplements, herbal methods and also surgery. The choice of treatment, as mentioned earlier, would depend on the specific case and would later be subject to the patient’s prerogative and affordability. Although not every case of male infertility can be treated, still the successes have been more than failures in present times. Even if male infertility cannot be entirely treated, there are various methods of finding an alternative to assist the couple to be able to conceive.

The best tip for any couple struggling to conceive is to immediately head for a diagnosis as aging limits the prospects of treatments of male infertility.

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