Cancer Of The Prostate

Symptoms And Causes Of Cancer Of The Prostate

Prostate Cancer Treatment

There has been an increase  in prostate cancer cases all across the world. It perhaps does not come much as a surprise since almost every form of cancer has seen an upward spiral but the good news is that cancer of the prostate is easily treatable now. Studies and research have shown that almost 30% of men around the age of 60 are likely to suffer from  prostate cancer. Lakeview Center for Urology offers prostate cancer treatment in Des Moines and we encourage early diagnosis to start the prostate cancer treatment before it reaches chronic stages.

Symptoms of Cancer of the Prostate

The trouble with prostate cancer is the confusing symptoms. In most cases, symptoms of cancer of the prostate are almost the same as that of an enlarged prostate or what is medically known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Like BPH, people suffering from cancer of the prostate are likely to struggle urinating, the frequency of urine can be erratic and at times pretty abrupt. The only way to differentiate the symptoms of cancer of the prostate and that of an enlarged prostate is to note the sporadic nature of the symptoms. In case of cancer of the prostate, the symptoms would have an increased frequency and often no specific routine of the symptoms resurfacing. An intense nature of the symptoms is most likely found when one suffers from cancer of the prostate.

The best advice is to opt for a detailed diagnosis right when the symptoms show up so that the prostate cancer treatment in Des Moines can commence immediately.

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Des Moines

The first step towards successful prostate cancer treatment is proper diagnosis. With state of the art facilities and expertise, Lakeview Center for Urology offers extensive diagnosis and appropriate prostate cancer treatment in Des Moines and other cities in Iowa.

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