Epididymitis is a common problem among men. It is a condition of the testicles that leads to the inflammation of the epididymis. In the testicular region, there is a coiled tube that is tasked with the responsibility of storing and carrying sperm. This coiled tube is known as epididymis. Any kind of inflammation or infection in the epididymis is regarded as epididymitis. Any kind of pain in the testicles or in the testicular area that doesn’t have any particular cause or physical injury to blame for can be epididymitis.

Visiting an urologist in Des Moines can get you diagnosed for the problem and also offer surefire treatment.


Causes of Epididymitis

There are several potential causes of epididymitis but the most common ones are sexually transmitted disease or diseases and bacterial infection. It has been noted that young and sexually active men in the age group of late teens to mid thirties are most prone to sexually transmitted diseases and that cause epididymitis. Among men who are not very sexually active or are take adequate precautions and among homosexual men, epididymitis may be caused by bacterial infections.

Studies have shown that two sexually transmitted diseases are most likely to cause epididymitis – Chlamydia and gonorrhea. It must be noted that epididymitis is not caused by any fungal or viral infections. Physical injury doesn’t necessary cause epididymitis.

In rare cases, epididymitis is also caused by urine flowing backwards towards the epididymis. This is known as chemical epididymitis. This specific type of epididymitis may be caused by straining or heavy lifting.


Symptoms of Epididymitis

Men suffering from epididymitis will experience pain in the testicles and scrotal area. The testicles would turn tender. There may be a lump or tenderness on one side of the testicles. Pain is usually associated during urination as well as sexual intercourse. If a sexually transmitted disease or STD has caused epididymitis then penile discharge would be a common symptom, more of a surefire sign.


Diagnosis & Treatment

Dr. Zafar who is a veteran urologist in Des Moines conducts a series of diagnostic tests at Lakeview Center for Urology to identify the precise cause of epididymitis, the severity of the problem and also assesses other associated factors to determine the best course of treatment.

Dr. Zafar would conduct a physical exam, rectal examination, STD testing, ultrasound testing and nuclear scan among others. Not all tests are always necessary but they are considered to chart out the treatment plan.

Epididymitis is completely curable and you should stringently adhere to the treatment of Dr. Zafar to bid adieu to the persistent pain and symptoms of epididymitis.