Every year, about half a million men in the United Sates undergo a vasectomy.

In contrast, around 1 million tubal ligations are performed in the U.S. 7% of all married couples use vasectomy as a choice for contraception.

When undergoing a vasectomy, most men fear the needle used to administer anesthesia in the scrotum, and this fear often deters them from pursuing the procedure.

New Approach to Vasectomy

There is another approach that men can consider – the No Needle/No Scalpel Vasectomy. With this approach,  a new method of anesthetic for vasectomy is the Madajet hypospray. This method uses a spring loaded device that sprays lidocaine anesthetic at a high pressure. Lidocaine spray penetrates the skin and numbs the underlying vas deferens. The anesthetic takes effect within seconds.

Patients typically describe the sensation as a mild snap, almost like a rubber band against the skin. Thereafter, a small opening is made in the skin using a no scalpel method. 99% of cases can then be done through one incision only.  No needle and no scalpel vasectomy takes about 10 minutes to do.

What happens after you get it done?

The recovery is quick and the return to normal routine is sooner than the conventional method.  Patients tolerate the procedure well.  After the procedure, patients are encouraged to have at least 35 ejaculations. This allows the sperm to be washed out of the vas deferens. A semen test is then done to ensure that no sperm are seen under the microscope.

I have performed thousands of vasectomies using the No needle/No scalpel vasectomy method with excellent results.


  • Using no needle no scalpel method there is excellent patient satisfaction.
  • The procedure is short, uses less anesthetic.
  • The return to work is quicker
  • Reduces the fear in men of the vasectomy procedure with a needle.
  • Procedure is safe, effective, simple and very well tolerated.