In Des Moines vasectomy is carried out using various methods. There are the traditional incision methods which are otherwise referred to as invasive and there are some no incision methods which are less invasive or not invasive. The type of Des Moines vasectomy you opt for may also vary in the manner in which the vas deferens is cut and sealed.

There are four types of vasectomy procedures. They are named as the traditional vasectomy which is sometimes referred to as scalpel vasectomy, a no scalpel vasectomy, clip vasectomy and laser vasectomy. In Des Moines vasectomy in the traditional way, no scalpel vasectomy, clip and laser vasectomy are all available and the one you can choose would be entirely based on your preference.

The traditional vasectomy involves making an incision in the scrotum with a scalpel after the patient has been anesthetized. Through the incision, the surgeon searches for the vas deferens, pulls out one of the two tubes carefully, cuts it and seals it off. The same procedure is repeated for the second tube.

With a no scalpel vasectomy method, no incision are made, instead there is a tiny hole made in the scrotal area through which the surgeon looks for the vas deferens. The remaining procedure is the same as that of traditional vasectomy.

With clip vasectomy, the primary difference is that the vas deferens is not cut and sealed off. A titanium clip, usually very small, is used to simply clamp onto the vas deferens tube that obstructs the flow of sperm through it on to the seminal vesicles. This is predominantly popular among those who may wish to redo the procedure in the future.

Laser vasectomy is the most state of the art procedure and it involves a laser beam to cut off the vas deferens and cauterizes it instantaneously. This process is quick and the sealing off is less laborious for the surgeons.

The different types of vasectomy procedures incur varying costs and they all aim at offering effective birth control. Which one would be your choice will depend on what you would prefer and can comfortably afford.