As a urologist Des Moines, patients ask me almost daily if their penis is normal and question what they can do to make it larger.  In fact, one of the most widely searched topics on, penis size has remained a lasting interest to men for decades and is justifiably a source of some anxiety.

However, while size does indeed matter, it really doesn’t matter as much as most men perceive. The issue here is actually one of perception: Men view it as the defining element of their masculinity, while women typically evaluate the whole package: looks, style, intelligence, personality, behavior, and sense of humor.

Regardless of whose perceptions are misplaced, penis size will forever remain as a primary concern for men around the world, which is why has explored the topic so entirely.

Following are some answers to your questions, compliments of urologist Des Moines Dr. Fawad Zafar.

Fact:  When surveyed, women constantly claimed that the girth of their partner’s penis was more important than the length. This is somewhat odd, as there appears to be no physiological basis for such claims, although more girth may provide more clitoral stimulation. In fact, your urologist Des Moines reports that plenty of well-endowed men are ashamed of their penises, while many men with smaller penises strut their stuff with confidence.

So what is considered to be an “average” length?  A recent Journal of Sexual Medicine study found that the average man’s penis measures 5.6 inches long when fully erect.

If your urologist Des Moines could offer you a pill that would lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce your risk of diabetes, prostate cancer and colon cancer, improve your mood and sex drive, help you lose weight, and, yes, even make your penis longer, would you take the pill?

Of course you would…but, it’s not a pill, it’s exercise!  When you exercise, lose weight and reduce the thickness of your abdomen, your penis will appear longer.  If you don’t believe it, try it.  Lose 25 pounds and see for yourself.

Bottom Line:  It’s true, use it or lose it.  It’s a good idea to have regular sex and to not be preoccupied with the length of your penis!  If you would like additional information regarding this topic, please contact your urologist Des Moines Dr. Fawad Zafar to schedule an appointment!