The overwhelming majority of urologist Des Moines Dr. Fawad Zafar’s clients pursue help to manage erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.  And the interesting thing is that most of these clients are younger men, mainly in their late twenties to late thirties.

All men (even young virile ones) have occasional erectile issues. Most men view this rationally, but have a hard time coping when it actually happens to them. It consumes their thoughts, the anxiety rises, and the condition begins occurring with greater and greater frequency.

So your urologist Des Moines would like to offer tips regarding how to be a supportive partner when your partner is dealing with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

  • Remain polite and kind:  Think about how you would feel if you were the one having issues. Rolling your eyes or quickly jumping out of bed won’t do either of you any good.
  • Recognize the fear:  Remember that he’s not entirely in control of his body in that moment, and think about how scary that can be for anyone. He’s got all of this pressure and expectation on this one part of his anatomy, and suddenly it’s not doing what he wants it to do.
  • Appreciate that you’re both on the same team:  Let’s face it – you both want to satisfy each other. You’re both frustrated and uncertain about what to do when the problem arises, so keep in mind that you’re in this together!
  • Provide verbal reassurance. Say something to reassure your partner that it’s not a big deal.  You can also ask if there’s anything you can do to help, but try not to be demeaning with your tone.
  • Don’t take it personally.   While often this can be easier said than done, it’s genuinely not about you the majority of the time. The feelings of self-consciousness and insecurity may arise, but consciously decide not to act on them.

This advice from your urologist Des Moines Dr. Fawad Zafar really just boils down to basic human compassion. If we can take a moment to get out of our own heads and recognize that the person in front of us is doubting his masculinity in that moment, we can be better partners.