There are many known things that can contribute to a diminished sex drive.  Following are the most common according to your urologist Des Moines Dr. Fawad Zafar.

Stress:  Some people are able to do many things well when they’re stressed, but feeling sexy typically isn’t one of them. Stress can happen to anyone, and learning how to handle it really helps. You can it yourself, or get help from your urologist Des Moines.

Not Enough Sleep:  If your sexual get-up-and-go has gotten up and left, maybe you’re not spending enough time sleeping. Do you go to bed extremely late or get up too early? Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep, or a condition such as sleep apnea? Fatigue weakens sexy feelings. Work on your sleep habits, and if that doesn’t help, talk to your urologist Des Moines.

Having Kids:  You don’t lose your sex drive once you become a parent. But you do lose some time to be close.  Try hiring a babysitter to cultivate some time to be partners as well as parents. If you have a brand new baby, try catching some loving during your child’s naptime.

Medication:  Some drugs can squash desire, including some of these medications:

  • Antidepressants
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Birth control pills
  • Chemotherapy
  • Anti-HIV drugs

Switching drugs or altering dosages may help — ask your urologist Des Moines about it, but don’t ever stop taking any medicine on your own.

Poor Body Image:  Feeling sexy is definitely easier if you like the way you look. If you don’t, work on accepting your body as it is, even if you’re working to get in better shape. Feeling better about yourself can put you in the mood, and if your partner has low esteem, reassure them that you think they’re sexy.

Erection Problems:  Men who suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) often worry about how they will be able to perform sexually, and that worry can drain their desire. ED can be treated by your urologist Des Moines, and couples can also strive to keep it from affecting their relationship.

Depression:  Being depressed can take the pleasure out of many things, including sex, and that’s one of many reasons to get the help you need. If your treatment involves medication, tell your urologist Des Moines if your sex drive is low, since some depression drugs have been known to lower sex drive.

If you suffer from a diminished sex drive, call your urologist Des Moines Dr. Fawad Zafar today to schedule a consultation.