Urologic Surgery

Urologic surgery refers to any surgery as it pertains to any surgery that affects the reproduction and urinary problems. This can be surgery on ureter, bladder, kidneys, or genital areas. Some of the surgeries are more invasive than others.

Urologic surgery encompasses procedures like circumcision, vasectomy, cystoscopy, urinalysis, cholecystectomy, kidney transplants, lithotripsy, catheterization for males and females, nephrectomy, cystectomy, vagotomy, kidney function testing, ureteral stenting, sling procedures, gallstone removals, upper GI exams, electrolyte tests, and many other tests and procedures.

There are surgeons who specialize in Urologic surgery. Diagnosis and treatment are often done by urology centers and can be done on men, women or even children if there are urinary concerns. Often these centers can deal with cancers as they pertain to prostates, kidneys, and bladders. Kidney stones or other urinary obstruction as well infertility problems in men are also performed. These clinics will help with diagnostic testing as well to provide the patient with the right diagnosis.

Urologic surgery can often be done on a laparoscopic level these days. It does not often require open surgery. Urologic surgery is often minimally invasive. This type of surgery is required when people have organ problems or injuries that can impede normal function.

It has been determined by the National Kidney Foundation that five percent of Americans will required urologic treatment at some point in their lives. More than 260,000 deaths are related to untreated urologic problems every year.

As with any surgery, urologic surgery does pose its own risks and these are going to vary based on the type of procedure performed. There have been large gains in surgery over the past ten years that allow doctors to have better control and provide the best care to their patients. Doctors are versed in the risks associated with each urologic surgery they perform.

Often times, urological diseases can be controlled through other means than surgery. Diet, weight loss and changes in lifestyle can all provide a patient with alternatives to surgery. However, urologic surgery can be an option when the patient is seeking permanent changes that can make the need for medication much lower.

Depending on the urologic surgery, patients may need hospitalization for up to a week or it can be done on an outpatient basis. This all depends on the type of urologic surgery being performed. The more invasive the surgery, the longer the recovery time for the patient.

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