It is now well known that marijuana is used for medicinal purposes in some cases and to satiate weed addiction of millions of men and women in the world. There has been a longstanding debate over whether marijuana has any impact on sexual potency or the sex life of a couple. Several studies and researches have been carried out in the past to find a link between marijuana and several sexual aspects.

Occasional use of marijuana had shown in studies to improve sexual performance, in a man but not in a woman. Extensive or regular use of marijuana has been related to several problems with sex life. If you are having erectile dysfunction in Des Moines and consume marijuana on a regular basis, then you can certainly blame the weed. If you are having premature ejaculation or no orgasm then you can also blame the weed. If you and your partner are unable to conceive then you can also consider the weed to be a major cause.

Several studies have proven that marijuana leads to erectile dysfunction or impotence in men, lack of orgasm, premature ejaculation or delayed and slow orgasm among men and infertility among men and women.

Marijuana & Erectile Dysfunction Des Moines

Many men suffering from erectile dysfunction in Des Moines have had a history of marijuana consumption. Most men had not stopped smoking the weed even after impotency had set in. The correlation between marijuana and erectile dysfunction has scientific reasoning.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the active ingredient in marijuana. THC has the ability to interact with the brain proteins known as cannabinoid receptors. The cannabinoid receptors are also found in the tissues of the penis. When THC interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the penile tissues and in the brains, they hinder the ability of the penis to have an erection. It blocks off the much needed sensory exchanges between the penis and the receptors in the brain.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction in Des Moines who had a history of taking marijuana also have problems with orgasm and fertility. There are numerous researches that have shown that men who consume marijuana every day are about four times more likely to have problems to reach orgasm or to have a desirable climax. Premature ejaculation is also more common and as much as three times more likely among marijuana users. The THC that triggers erectile dysfunction also hinders with the flow of sperms, facilitating infertility.