Millions of newborns in the United States and across the world are circumcised shortly after birth. It is a religious practice for many while some demographics have a cultural obligation. Circumcision is mandatory in some countries but most developed nations have not made it imperative.

Since the surgery for circumcision is mostly carried out among infants and absolute newborns, it is the parents that take the decision. Most parents struggle to decide whether or not to get their boy circumcised. But more than this dilemma, it is the fear of a surgery that crops up several questions. To be completely informed about the surgery, you should talk to your urologist in Des Moines.

The first thing you must know is that circumcision is a completely safe procedure. There are some risks, like with any other surgery, but the risks are very minimal and rare. The two common risks of circumcision surgery are bleeding and infection. Most veteran surgeons have a track record of having no side effects or untoward impacts of the procedure. There is less than 1% likelihood that a child would suffer bleeding or infections. The bleeding can be stopped immediately and infections can be easily treated and completely cured by antibiotics.

The second factor that influences the decision of most parents is whether or not circumcision has any benefits. The medical community is split in their opinions about the benefits of circumcision. They all agree that there are some benefits but many believe that the benefits are very desirable while others believe that they hardly matter much.

Benefits Of Circumcision

Circumcised boys find it easy to keep their penises clean. Without the foreskin, it remains more hygienic. There is no ground for urinary tract infections or any other kind of bacterial or fungal infections. Urinary tract infections are not that common among infants but the likelihood of it is more among uncircumcised boys than circumcised ones.

Circumcised boys are less likely to develop sexually transmitted diseases and there is study to prove such a benefit but doctors are convinced that if safe and protective sex is practiced then circumcision hardly plays a noticeable role.

Weighing in the risks and the benefits, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that circumcision is a very safe surgery and has some mild advantages but it remains to be a decision that parents would have to take, unless there is cultural and religious obligation to be in favor of it. To be more certain of what you should decide for you boy, it is ideal for you to have a detailed consultation with a urologist in Des Moines.

Surgery – The Price Cut

If parents do decide in favor of circumcision, it is better to get their newborns circumcised as soon as possible. As they grow up, the foreskin develops further and the surgeries take longer as they become several months or years old.

The three aspects to look at while deciding on the prime cut are the expertise of the surgeon or your choice of urologist in Des Moines, the effective anesthetics and the avoiding of all risks and challenges.