Urinary incontinence is a condition that results in the loss of urine through the body.  This is something that’s not intentional by any means we just can’t seem to control it.  You may feel the need to go but simply cannot get to the bathroom facilities fast enough.  Urinary incontinence Des Moines is just as much an issue as other areas of the world.  Changes are bound to take place in the body as we age regardless of whether you’re male or female.  This may not have been an issue for you as you were younger but when you age the bladder also takes on a life of its own.

Luckily this type of problem doesn’t affect everyone with aging but it is very common and something that can be treated and dealt with.  There is self care for women with urinary incontinence Des Moines and you can consult with a physician or check out the internet to gain a better perspective.  There are various steps that one can take to decrease the urinary accidents that you may have in any given day or week.  This can be an embarrassing problem and many women may try to deal with the issue without seeking medical assistance or advice.

In women with urinary incontinence the area around the vagina may become red, raw and even inflamed.  It can be painful but this is due to the frequent urination.  There are some tips that you can take for treating or helping to prevent frequent urinary incontinence in Des Moines.

There are products on the market today such as “adult diapers.”  These are typically in the form of cotton and can assist you should you have an accident that you cannot control while at work or even out shopping.  It’s recommended that you stay clear of synthetic underwear or pantyhose which many women tend to wear.  If you have irritation and sore skin you should wash your vaginal area with a soap such as Dove or Ivory and do this more than once a day.  Make sure that you wash your underwear and clothing in pure soap or soap flakes as well.  You should avoid bath soaps and oils and you shouldn’t use douches or other such products.

Try to limit your alcohol consumption and caffeine as it can be a factor in your incontinence.  To get help with your Urinary incontinence Des Moines please give us a call to speak to a professional trained staff member for further information and helpful tips.