Your urologist Des Moines Dr. Fawad Zafar has found that almost every man suffers from psychological impotence at some point in his life. Problems arise when a type of stage fright occurs that negatively impacts a man’s sexual performance.

This form of erectile dysfunction can be more troublesome than biological impotence because there’s no magic pill such as Viagra to offset it. While searching for the best methods for dealing with psychological impotence, your urologist Des Moines offers the following advice.

Psychological impotence can effect men across all personality types and there’s no specific personality that is directly connected with psychological impotence. There are a number of factors that can play a role in psychological impotence.

Treatment for this type of impotence needs to be a collaborative effort, not only psychological, but also potentially involving your urologist Des Moines, to approach this issue.

One of the ways to differentiate between psychological and biological erectile dysfunction is the existence of early morning erections. If someone doesn’t experience early morning erections, then they most likely have biological impotence.  On the other hand, if they do have early morning erections, your urologist Des Moines finds that it’s more likely that they are suffering from psychological impotence.

Chronic alcohol use is also typically associated with impotence. Any stimulus that can affect consciousness can remove the fear of impotence, but in the long run is not the right treatment approach for this condition and can be more harmful than helpful.

There’s also no direct correlation between the consumption of caffeine and impotence. Over the counter stimulants can sometimes be associated with impotence because they’re not FDA regulated.

Depression can also affect libido in a negative way, but oddly, antidepressant drugs deregulate the body’s autonomic system and sometimes cause impotence.

Some patients of your urologist Des Moines question if sufferers of psychological impotence should avoid planning sex for specific times, and instead focus on having spontaneous sex when the mood strikes as a way to reduce the anxiety associated with being expected to perform on command.

This situation needs to be assessed in a personal, supervised setting after a thorough medical and psychological evaluation by your urologist Des Moines. This is not a cut and dry approach that can be applied to all patients with this particular type of impotence. Each patient has a unique history and set of medical conditions, so each patient requires a tailored treatment.