There has been a rise of prostate cancer cases over the last two decades. Some experts have regarded the unhealthy lifestyles as one of the primary reasons but whatever be the cause of this widespread rise, the positive development is that prostate cancer can be diagnosed at early stages and can be completely cured.

With state of the art prostate cancer treatment in Des Moines, neither would you have to live with the condition nor would you have to be anxious about the certainty of the treatment. You can be completely free of prostate cancer and live a normal healthy life. However, even after successful prostate cancer treatment in Des Moines, there is one challenge that most men have to face.

After prostate cancer treatment in Des Moines, you may experience a reduction in the testosterone levels. With lower libido levels and reduced secretion of testosterones, you may experience a lack of sex drive, would suffer from lethargy and clearly your sex life can take a back seat or may come to a complete halt.


Treatment Options.

The prostate cancer treatment Des Moines residents can opt for may involve surgical removal of the prostate gland or may include radiation treatments. Both have the likelihood of affecting libido levels. Fortunately, you do not have to live with erection problems, lack of sex drive and perpetual lethargy or fatigue. After prostate cancer treatment in Des Moines, you can resume your sex life with testosterone replacement therapy.

For many decades, it has been believed that giving testosterones to men who have or had been treated of prostate cancer was not a practical or wise move. Latest research suggests that men, who have surprisingly low levels of libido and are struggling to secrete enough testosterones after prostate cancer treatment in Des Moines, can easily opt for testosterone replacement therapy. With adequate diagnosis and monitoring, men can be given testosterone to resume an active sex life.


Which type of Tests should one do?

To restart your sex life after prostate cancer treatment in Des Moines, all you have to do is opt for a PSA (prostate specific antigen) test to determine the level of testosterones being secreted naturally in the body. If the testosterone levels are low then you can opt for testosterone doses. As you resume your sex life, all you have to do is undergo PSA tests according to a predetermined scheduled to be certain that giving testosterones is still a necessity.