Problems below the belt are embarrassing issues for men to talk about, even with their own doctor. However, asking your urologist Des Moines Dr. Fawad Zafar can ease a lot of stress, and might just save your life. Remember, your urologist has heard it all — and isn’t there to judge.

Prostate Cancer

The PSA blood test measures a protein produced by both cancerous and non-cancerous cells. If the test reveals a high protein count, a doctor will then look for cancer cells, and it’s likely they will appear.

If you look for cancer cells, you will find them, but most men are never in danger of getting cancer. The problem is, you have someone who appears to be healthy – with no symptoms – and you make them feel worse by treatment. There has been some controversy surrounding the decision to get a PSA blood test. Talk to your urologist Des Moines about the right choice for you.

Men who have a father or brother who has had prostate cancer should be aware of their heightened risk, which is about double. African-American men are typically at a higher risk as well.

So what’s within your control? Diet and exercise…avoiding red meat and fatty foods…and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle…all of that may help.

Enlarged Prostate

An enlarged prostate is generally considered to be a benign condition, but it can be very uncomfortable. Customary treatment typically includes medication or invasive surgery, but a new non-surgical option, claims to remove the enlarged prostate tissue, thereby reducing pressure on the urethra.

An enlarged prostate can cause a range of urinary problems including:

  • Slowing of the urine stream;
  • Frequency of urination;
  • Having to get up at night to urinate;
  • Difficulty starting and stopping the urine stream;
  • Incomplete emptying of the bladder.

Erectile Dysfunction

Many men also avoid talking to their urologist Des Moines about Erectile Dysfunction (ED). But if you’re suffering from this condition, rest assured that you’re not alone – in fact, about 40 million American men have the same problem with erections.

You should bring the problem to the attention of your doctor, who can help you determine the cause behind it. It can be caused by issues with weight and diet or medications you may be taking (including recreational drugs).

To help avoid the occurrence of ED, skip the booze and the cigarettes. And maintaining a healthy diet also helps maintain vascular function and will result in better erectile function.