Penile Implants For Impotence

Penile implants for impotence have become very popular of late and it is a scientifically proven solution for erectile dysfunction. While deciding if you intend to opt for penile implants for impotence may be a relatively easy task yet figuring out the perfect penile implants for impotence that would be ideal for you requires a lot of thought, research as well as medical intervention.

The type of penile implants for impotence that you can opt for does not entirely depend on you. There are several factors that would come into the equation. Some of the most common aspects that are taken into consideration are your age, age of your partner, the size of your penis, penile girth, scrotum size and various ratios of penile size with that of the scrotum and hidden penile size with the visible length among others. A detailed medical history is also considered while determining the penile implants for impotence. The most focus is stressed upon any medical history a patient may have pertaining to abdominal surgeries and the likes.

There are three common types of penile implants for impotence. They are the non inflatable penile implant, 2 piece inflatable penile implants and the 3 piece inflatable penile implant. Every type of penile implants for impotence has its share of advantages and some are better than the others.

The non inflatable penile implants for impotence are the most cost effective solution. These are the cheapest of the three and are very easy to use. You or your partner can easily activate the non inflatable penile implants for impotence just by bending it up. Using it is simple and the entire implant is concealed in the body. The surgical procedure to have non inflatable penile implants for impotence is also the simplest and fastest compared to others.

The 2 piece and 3 piece inflatable penile implants have almost the same type of advantages but the latter also enhances the girth of the penis. This is not something the other types of penile implants for impotence can offer. With inflatable penile implants for impotence, the natural flaccidity of the penis is retained which makes it look and feel a little more real than non inflatable penile implants for impotence. However, as with any good thing, these are a tad costlier than the non inflatable implants. Presently, the inflatable penile implants for impotence are more in demand in the US.

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