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Dr. Zafar, the No 1 Doctor for Vasectomy in Iowa, has been in medical practice for 29 years and has been performing vasectomies since 1985. In his practice, he has the most vasectomies done performing over 7,500 vasectomies. He is the only Urologist in town offering No Needle Vasectomy. He has also been trained in the “no-scalpel” procedure. He has done a lot of vasclip procedures as well, a new way of vasectomy which is less traumatic for the patient and carries lower risk of complications.


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Dr. Zafar is committed to providing quality patient care in a safe, caring and confidential environment. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any urological procedure, please feel free to call him directly at 515-971-6400. To schedule an appointment, call 515-277-8900. Offices in West Des Moines, Ankeny, Audubon, Manning, Centerville and Corydon


Conventionally, vasectomy has been a surgical procedure to sterilize a male’s reproductive organs. It is one of the very few permanent methods used to prevent pregnancy and hence child birth. Technological advancements and innovations have come up with many new types of techniques for vasectomy. The modern techniques are not necessarily surgical and not invasive, to say the least.

Lakeview Center for Urology offers vasectomy in Des Moines using the latest methods and state of the art tools. The procedure for vasectomy at Des Moines conducted by Lakeview Center for Urology is in an in-office setting and you can go home the same day. There is no need for general hospitalization or even an outpatient setting.

Techniques for Vasectomy in Des Moines’ Lakeview Center for Urology

There are several different techniques for the vasectomy. At Lakeview Urology we perform the “No Scapel – No Needle” vasectomy.

No Scalpel

This type of vasectomy is conducted using a hemostat instead of using a scalpel. A hole is punctured in the scrotum. The incision required is much smaller than a cut and has less risk of infection. This method also usually does not require any kind of stitching.

No Needle

During a vasectomy you must be numbed before the operation can begin. Most people do not like needles so the local anesthesia in this method comes from a jet injection tool that does not require use of needles.

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