In-Office Cystoscopy

Having a medical procedure done in a large hospital can be nerve racking. Having to deal with all the medical drama at a hospital can help you to be more stressed than what you were, this is why so many physicians are going with doing so many procedures in their offices. Thanks to advancements on the medical front many patients find themselves simply being able to go to the office to have the procedure done. One procedure that a man or woman may have to have done is a cystoscopy and thankfully many doctors are offering an in-office cystoscopy.

What is a Cystoscopy?

A cystoscopy is basically an endoscopy of the bladder. This procedure is completed to look for any abnormalities in the bladder, stones, inflammation or any other kind of problem that may be located in the bladder. This procedure can be done both in a hospital and in the doctor’s office. If you have to have general anesthesia for the procedure you will have to have to be in a hospital but if you can have local anesthesia for the procedure you can have an in-office cystoscopy.

What Happens During a Cystoscopy?

During the procedure you will be asked to wear a sterile gown and to lie back on a bed. You will be asked to bend or bring your knees together depending on how you are laying or sitting and whether or not you are a male or female. Once you are positioned correctly the doctor will apply a local anesthetic to help alleviate the discomfort. You will then feel pressure as the cystoscopy begins. The doctor will fill your bladder up with saline to measure the bladder and see things more clearly. You may feel discomfort and a strong urge to urinate. After the procedure the doctor will let you know the results or ask you to come back in for further testing. During your recovery time at home the nurse will show you how a warm compress can help take some of the soreness out of that area. Naturally the procedure will cause the male to have more discomfort as the urethra in a male is much smaller. Be sure to keep the area clean to avoid infections and other problems.

Having a cystoscopy at a hospital may be something that you do not have to go through. If your Urologist in Des Moines has discussed performing one of these procedures on you ask them whether or not you can do it in office and go home the same day.

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