Male infertility is on the rise. It is not unique to United States but across the world. However, the rapid pace at which more men are reportedly being diagnosed with infertility, many at young age, is alarming in the country.

While there are many reasons for the exponential increase in male infertility cases, such as lifestyles, poor diets and environmental factors, a recent study has found that testosterone supplements are not good for men who either have infertility already or for men who are trying to have a baby.

The study was conducted at two clinics in the US, one in Alabama and the other in Kansas. The period of the study was from 2005 to 2011. More than 1500 men who reported taking testosterone supplements had been examined in the research. The average age of the participating subjects was 35 and their entire medical history was also examined. Many of the participants reported having infertility. 34 men among the participants agreed to stop using testosterone supplements that they have been buying as a prescription drug. After discontinuing the testosterone supplements, 28 out of the 34 men witnessed a surge in their natural sperm production. On an average, the sperm concentration in semen jumped from 1.8 million per milliliter to 34 million per milliliter after supplemental testosterone was discontinued. For 6 out of 34 men, there was no recovery of sperm production and there was no noticeable jump in the concentration either. Whether this was also a consequence of taking testosterone supplements or not has not been substantiated.

The study proves what a veteran urologist in Des Moines, Dr. Zafar, had been advocating for a long time now. The advertisements of prescription testosterones are very alluring. The desire to look leaner, fitter and sexier would appeal to any man, irrespective of age and whether or not one has infertility problems. But with anything that is not necessary for the human body, prescription testosterones stop the natural process that facilitates sperm production. What then essentially happens is that the body produces less sperms and this can either trigger infertility problems or if a man is trying to have a baby, it might be hindered or delayed.

It is best to consult with an urologist in Des Moines if you have been taking testosterone supplements and whether or not you have the risk of infertility, staying away from drugs that may cause or worsen the situation is the best strategy.