A new – rather unique – study suggests that men with diabetes are less likely to haveerectile dysfunction Des Moines if they eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and the beneficial effect seems to grow with each serving they eat.  It’s also possible that vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients found in the foods helped men in getting an erection.

The findings could simply be an indication that an overall healthy diet helps men avoid erectile problems, but regardless, there would be minimal downside to eating more fruits and vegetables in response to the research.

For men who are really discouraged by erectile dysfunction Des Moines, here’s something really practical that they can do to help alleviate the situation.

Your urologist Des Moines admits that while it seems on the surface to be “fascinating” research, it is far from proof of a cause-effect relationship.

Impotence has been estimated to affect as many as 45% of men who suffer from diabetes. The disease can damage blood vessels and restrict blood flow, which is a key factor in a penis becoming erect. It can also damage nerves, leading to further vascular damage, and impede erections by affecting the penis’s sensitivity.

Erectile dysfunction – or impotence – can be an indicator, as well, of heart disease, another reason it’s important for physicians to ask diabetes patients about it.

After filtering out factors such as age, socio-economic status, marital status, education, BMI, physical activity and complications from diabetes like nerve damage, they concluded that those men who consumed more fruit and vegetables were less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

In fact, they determined that the risk decreased by 10% with each additional serving of produce the patients ate every day, a relationship that could strengthen the case for a possible underlying link.

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