Recent studies show that nearly 20 million men in the U.S. experience erectile dysfunction (ED).  No longer brushed off as being “all in the mind”, almost 2/3 of men over 45 report experiencing erectile dysfunction.  Des Moines urologist Dr. Fawad Zafar advises that getting help early may actually save more than just your sex life.

Once thought of as being all in a man’s mind, there is now evidence that erectile dysfunction may be a sign of a larger problem such as diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure that may result in an increase in a his risk of heart attack.

If it’s a physical problem, it will typically affect erections at all times; in men with severe erection problems, it’s nearly always physical.  Many men get a lot of comfort from knowing this is a medical problem, as it helps for them to be able to think about it as a symptom that’s indicative of an actual physical condition.

Most men over 80 experience erectile dysfunction; but in a man’s 40s, 50s, 60s, there’s also an increase in the occurrence of ED.  In a large portion of this group, it’s often a problem with the man’s blood vessels.

A check-up with your Des Moines urologist is important because testing can reveal previously undiagnosed conditions. There are also lifestyle issues, which if dealt with sooner rather than later, might have a big effect of reducing the risk of heart disease.

Early intervention by your Des Moines urologist will potentially lead to better sexual function because the man will respond better to the drugs that work to improve his erections.

The other good thing about early treatment is that it can be addressed before a man’s sexual life has changed too much. If he decides to ignore it for a couple of years, it’s not necessarily going to be so easy to get those relationship issues back on an intimate basis.

Having an intermittent issue with getting or keeping an erection is quite normal.  But when it happens more frequently – or results in not being able to penetrate your partner – it may be time to seek help.  And because most men are hesitant to discuss the situation with their partner, we suggest making an appointment to discuss your erectile dysfunction with your Des Moines urologist to discuss treatment.