For quite some time now, erection drugs have been touted as a way to spice things up between the sheets – and boost a failing relationship.  But your urologist Des Moines warns that erectile dysfunction drugs (such as Viagra) aren’t the cure that many couples hope they will be.

In fact, researchers have surveyed many men who indicated that their lives or relationships hadn’t significantly improved after trying the drugs.  They reviewed over 40 clinical trials of men with impotence (or erectile dysfunction) to see for themselves how taking the drugs had changed their lives.

Prior to taking the tablets, the men involved in the clinical trials indicated that their quality of lives and relationships were “relatively good”, but there were still some issues with sexual satisfaction.  Many of these men also suffered from symptoms of depression and felt down.

While the medication did increase the men’s satisfaction and self-esteem to a point, they didn’t see an improvement in their overall life or relationship satisfaction.

Your urologist Des Moines feels that this study emphasizes the need to highlight psychological issues, and not just the mechanics for men who are suffering from impotence.  The study also concluded that there is growing evidence that the negative effects of erectile dysfunction extend beyond the inability to have sex and typically impact men’s emotional and psychological wellbeing as well.

Though erectile dysfunction is more common in older men (around 65 per cent of men over the age of 60 suffer from it), around 40 per cent of men will be affected by the condition by the age of 40.  This disease can be caused by:

  • Nerve damage (from diabetes);
  • Surgery for prostate cancer;
  • Reduced blood flow due to smoking:
  • Raised cholesterol levels;
  • High blood pressure.

A lot of men are suffering from testosterone deficiency syndrome, which results when they reach their 40s and begin putting on weight around the stomach.  This causes testosterone levels to drop, and a loss of libido and erectile function is the result. (It’s worth asking for a blood test if you hit the age of 40 and start developing these symptoms.)

One of the main roles of any treatment is to give men a psychological boost, so it’s vitally important to use treatment alongside some kind of sexual counseling or therapy, even if the cause is due to something physical.

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