Angelina Jolie had recently announced herself that she had undergone a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer. Double mastectomy is a prophylaxis against breast cancer among women who have the BRCA gene. The news has received global attention, all and sundry have hailed the decision taken by the Hollywood celebrity but beyond all the adulation and praise for her courage, there is the medical reason of reducing the risk of developing breast cancer from 87% to 5%. Angelina Jolie’s aunt died of breast cancer and she carried the BRCA gene from her mother’s side. This had lead to the probability of her developing breast cancer which is why she opted for double mastectomy.

The development and Jolie’s announcement has brought forth the interest of millions of men and women to know more about the BRCA gene. While it is obvious that women having the BRCA gene would have the risk of breast cancer among other types of cancer, there is a need to focus on what it may mean if men have the same BRCA gene.



What is BRCA Gene?

BRCA gene is a mutation that is genetically passed down and it can be passed down from a father or a mother to a boy or a girl child. Men who have a BRCA mutation would have a lower chance of developing any type of cancer as compared to women who are more prone but men are susceptible to cancer due to the BRCA gene nonetheless. Many men undergoing prostate cancer treatment in Des Moines have had the BRCA gene. The only difference was that the men had not been diagnosed and were not aware of the mutation until they were diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Women having BRCA mutation are at increased risk of breast cancer, skin cancer and prostate cancer. Men too have high risk of developing prostate cancer, breast cancer and cancers of the gallbladder, pancreas, stomach and bile duct among other if they have the BRCA mutation.

Men and women, having any history of cancer in their family or having anyone in the lineage with the BRCA gene mutation should get diagnosed if they also have the similar mutation. Most cancers caused due to this mutation develop early hence it may be possible that before even realizing that one has this gene, one may have to get diagnosed for the cancer and opt for its treatment. This has been the case for many men currently undergoing prostate cancer treatment in Des Moines.

The recommended solution is to get examined for BRCA gene mutation and to opt for periodical diagnoses for different types of cancer, especially breast and prostate cancer.