An increasingly worrying number of males are suffering fromerectile dysfunction in Des Moines. Impotence, problems with having an adequate erection, inability to have a long enough erection or trouble with desirable ejaculation have been concerns among men for several years now and the statistics had already become a concern. With changing lifestyles, increased stress and various biological and environmental factors, erectile dysfunction in Des Moines is no longer a rarity.

While many factors are beyond the control of an individual and lifestyles cannot be changed overnight, yet to prevent erectile dysfunction Des Moines residents can do a lot of things. One factor that has been considered to be a major and common cause for erectile dysfunction in Des Moines men is the seat of bicycles.

Many men suffering from erectile dysfunction in Des Moines have reported to having numbing sensations after cycling. It is not a surprise for doctors and experts because the traditional seat or the most common design of the bicycle seat does lead to excessive pressure on the penile area, the perineum to be precise which is the area between the rectum and the scrotum. The penile area is not sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the body which is almost entirely focused in the region. In the process, the nerves in the penile area and the arteries get compressed, thus cutting off the flow of blood and oxygen. Consistent or extensive riding on bicycles having such seats have been causing erectile dysfunction.

Almost every rider feels numbness of varying durations in the penile area after cycling. Even those who cycle in the gym are exposed to such problems. Fortunately, there are treatments for erectile dysfunction in Des Moines and you can also prevent it from happening due to cycling by making a few changes.

  • Cycling for shorter periods of time would help reduce the consistent pressure of the body weight on the penile area.
  • Standing up while riding continuously in regular frequencies of perhaps ten minutes or so can help in increasing the blood supply to the penile area.
  • Using special seats such as the double bun seat or heavily padded seats can be very helpful. The former has a hole in the centre region and the two protruding rims help in transferring the body weight from the penile area to the bones. The latter would help in easing out and distributing the weight.
  • Whenever you are cycling or biking on rough terrains, you should lift yourself up from the seat to avoid the jerks and erratic thrusts from damaging the arteries or causing the nerves to be compressed and pinched.

Not many men, or women, talk about erectile dysfunction in Des Moines and it still remains a taboo for some but it is a common problem and one that can be cured. All the right preventive moves and timely treatment can easily cure or keep erectile dysfunction at bay.